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Guide To Dehydrating Foods

Why dehydrate to preserve food?

I have found out how easy it is to dehydrate various foods in my own kitchen and wanted to share these concepts with you. This process has been used throughout many generations and will help you and your family. Dehydrating your food can keep it longer without the need for refrigeration. Drying our food is a simple way to save your garden harvest. I found this method to be helpful this past harvest season when I had extra produce.

So what is Dehydrating your food? Dehydrating removes the moisture content of the food, which allows me to store my food items and it still tastes delicious. By removing the moisture from the food, I can extend the quality of the foods I store up.

There are many ways to dehydrate your food, yet some methods are more successful than others. Do your research and you will see the many ways others are dehydrating food.

The method I have chosen with the electric dehydrator method helps to speed or slow the drying time depending on what you’re drying. My food dehydrator has a fan and that makes some noise as the machine is on to dry the foods I placed in it. Some dehydrators do not come with a fan. They are quiet and also work fine drying your foods.

Here are two examples: my previously owned Ronco round drying tower with no fan, just rising hot air flows up from the bottom and out the top (I had to replace it after years of use), and present newer (Excalibur) dehydrators. It has a working fan to keep airflow more even.

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