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Household Tips

This series of articles is to help you organize your life, home, work, whatever aspects of your life need assistance. There are many resources available to assist and these are just a sample of suggestions and tips you can find.

Whatever you are doing it helps to start with a plan. First, what is the goal? Then the hard part-where are you now? This is not a time to beat yourself up, but a time for reflection. Now that you have the goal and a realistic knowledge of where you are it is time to start the plan.

Everyday have a plan to change or improve something. It can be one thing. For example, I had a very large overgrown thorny bush that was going to be very expensive to have it cut down or trimmed. However, by cutting off some each week I was able to place those pieces in the trash and it didn't cost anything extra. It can take time, but continuing at a steady pace will help you achieve your goals.

If you journal or document your progress over time instead of being discouraged you will be surprised at what you have already accomplished. Documentation also helps you set up a schedule or keep on track. For example, if you know that trash pick-up is every Wednesday then maybe over the weekend is a good time to clip the overgrown bush? Then it will be dried some and on Tuesday you can take it to the trash can for pick-up the next day. Maybe make an appointment on your calendar to cut the branches and then a reminder when to take it to the trash. By having appointment reminders in your calendar it will keep you on track.

If you can do it now, then do it now. Watch people that get a lot done or are considered organized. As someone is still asking for something they are already sending an email about the question. In most cases you will find that for things that take time, they have time blocked on their schedule to work on it.

Over the series of articles we will be focusing on a few key areas to assist in becoming more organized.

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