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Useful Hints While Out in the Garden by Stuart Cameron

Are you often seeing things that you’d like to improve on or change for the better. Why is this plant not improving or not flowering? Try moving it to another spot. Maybe it needs a little more space around it. Are the weeds trying to take over? Hoeing around the plant allows moisture to better get down to the roots. Adding mulch also will keep the plant from drying out.

If some plants are invasive, you need to decide if they are going to hog space & water also what is their usefulness? You will have to control where you place them so they won’t spread or if you need to remove them altogether & destroy them which is a big job, given some invasive species. Many of these plants may not be native to your particular area. Try to include a number of plants that originated from your area. This will draw the native birds & wildlife that I'm sure you would enjoy seeing.

Plants that have matured & are mounded out or grown (outward) should be divided up(split) and moved to other areas of the garden or shared with a neighbor. Planting them before the end of the season will give them a head start for the next year as the soil retains its warmth sometimes late in the season. Try to watch throughout the day where the places in your garden get the most sun & the ones that are more in shade. This will help you know where to place your plants for the right growing requirements.

If you have the time, deadheading will keep the flowering of the plant to be extended throughout the season. Deadheading is picking off the blooms after they have died before they go to seed. Instead of deadheading, you may want to collect seed for the following year.

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