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Useful tips on Building & Maintaining a Garden: by Stuart Cameron


After the flowers appear to be finished you can produce more flowers by removing what’s left of the old with your pruning shears or even by hand. This allows the plant to produce more flowers instead of putting all its energy towards producing seeds.


Placement of your plants in the garden is very important to consider. Take time to go over your garden books or magazines or some of your favorite garden websites for ideas. You could also walk or drive around your neighborhood for ideas.

Plant Size

It’s best to know the plant’s size when full grown. Choose smaller ones to go at the front of your garden bed. & those that tend to be taller, place at the back. Grouping your plants,-be sure & allow room for each plant to spread out to its mature size. Whether you're dealing with a variety of plants or one kind, it is important to give some time & thought to how you arrange them i.e. what's appealing for the eye. Generally place plants in arrangements of 3’s.


Coloring comes in here too. Yes, if you have a good sized garden bed, you may want to use one color in a large area & different in another. A smaller garden could be using a variety of plants i.e. hostas which come in different sizes, ornamental grasses, perennials for color. First, place out your plants, then step back & view what you see. Make changes until you're satisfied with what you see. Now you can dig them in as you have them placed.

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